Tonight when the Pats take on the Atlanta Falcons, they will be doing so wearing their Color Rush uniforms. As an uniform fanatic, I truly believe that this uniform is the best one in the Patriots’ closet. There’s just something about the traditional red and white stripes that pops out from the navy blue base. It harkens back to the beautiful AFL throwbacks, which the Patriots have ceased to wear due to an idiotic decision by the NFL (the NFL believes that it is dangerous for players to wear more than one helmet per year, even though equipment managers frequently have to replace helmets due to damage sustained during games). 

New York Jets v New England Patriots
 (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Robert Kraft has made it clear that he will not be getting rid of the so-called ‘Flying Elvis’ logo any time soon, but a possible compromise could be made. The Color Rush uniform proves that a combination of the two distinct styles the Patriots have utilized is actually effective. With that in mind, the Patriots should make their Color Rush jersey their permanent home jersey, with the addition of the white throwback pants. They could then bring back a red alternate, that would appease fans, and stick under the NFL’s current (and mind-boggling) guidelines.

This is how my proposed uniform combination could look (this was created using Madden NFL 17)

I have nothing against the Patriots’ current uniform combos, as they are the symbol of the team’s success over the last 15 years, but red, silver, and blue is not the right color combination for a team known as the Patriots.

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