News roundup: Josh Gordon, Matt Patricia & more!

Here are some of the latest headlines in the world of the Patriots.


1. Boom or Bust?: The Pats add Josh Gordon

One of the major takeaways from the Pats’ debacle against the Jacksonville Jaguars was that the offense appeared to lack a true playmaker at the wide receiver position who could take pressure off of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. The Patriots appeared to solve that problem when they acquired the talented (but troubled) Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns. Gordon has suffered from substance abuse for a majority of his life, which has resulted in him missing several seasons of action following the 2013 season when he led the NFL in receiving yards (including a 151 yard game against the Patriots). When it was announced that the Browns intended to get rid of Gordon, numerous people began connecting him to the Pats and joking about his possible success in the New England system.

Many analysts and pundits also compared the acquisition of Gordon to the trade for Randy Moss in 2007, but I don’t think that that is the right comparison, as Moss was heavily disgruntled in Oakland. On the other hand, Gordon has more problems in his personal life, and needs to find a way to fight the illness of addiction. Josh Gordon has the potential to either be the next Randy Moss or the next Chad Ochocinco, as his talent is undeniable, but he has to be able to adjust to the so-called ‘Patriots Way’ as well. To sum up my thoughts on Josh Gordon’s addition to the Pats’ offense, he should be able to serve as a dynamic playmaker on the field, but it’s no guarantee that he’ll be as effective as he was in 2013.

2. R-E-L-A-X

NFL fans would recognize this subtitle as the phrase famously coined by Aaron Rodgers following the Green Bay Packers’ slow start to the 2014 season. It’s always funny to see how pundits immediately turn against the Pats when they have a brutal loss to start their season, and this season is no different, as many people have already questioned if the Pats are now in panic mode. To those who are concerned, look at the following tweet.

The Pats always seem to have a clunker in the early phases of the season, but Bill Belichick and Co. usually find a way to weather the storm and compete in the playoffs. So, R-E-L-A-X!

3. New book alleges that Brady and Belichick’s relationship is worse than originally thought

In his new book, Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time, ESPN columnist, Ian O’Connor alleges that the relationship between Brady and Belichick is actually worse than what has been previously reported. One of the key points mentioned by O’Connor is that TB12 seriously considered not coming back to the Patriots this year, as he was tired of playing for Belichick, but he did not do so due to his undying passion for the game and the fear of alienating Patriots’ fans. I personally do not buy into the idea that there is that much friction between the two most important members of the Patriots organization, but it is worth reading the ESPN article attached below.


4. Patrica on Belichick and the Lions

Later on this week, the Pats head to Detroit to take on the Lions, and their former defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, who have not had the greatest start to their season. Amidst the criticism, Patricia had an interesting conversation with ESPN, where he described Belichick’s influence, and his desire to not build the Detroit version of the Patriots.

Take a look at the article attached below.

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