NFL Week 4 Picks

Due to the COVID-induced uncertainty surrounding the game between the Patriots & Chiefs, here are my picks for the rest of the NFL’s Week 4 contests (excluding Thursday Night Football).

Last week: 9-5-1

Saints at Lions: Lions

Chargers at Buccaneers: Buccaneers

Jaguars at Bengals: Bengals

Vikings at Texans: Vikings

Seahawks at Dolphins: Seahawks

Browns at Cowboys: Cowboys

Cardinals at Panthers: Cardinals

Colts at Bears: Colts

Ravens at Washington: Ravens

Giants at Rams: Rams

Bills at Raiders: Bills

Eagles at 49ers: 49ers

Falcons at Packers: Packers

NFL Week 16 Picks

Here are my picks for the NFL’s Week 16 slate of games.

Last week: 8-7

Bills at Patriots: Patriots

Texans at Buccaneers: Texans

Rams at 49ers: 49ers

Steelers at Jets: Steelers

Saints at Titans: Saints

Panthers at Colts: Colts

Bengals at Dolphins: Dolphins

Ravens at Browns: Ravens

Jaguars at Falcons: Falcons

Giants at Redskins: Redskins

Lions at Broncos: Broncos

Raiders at Chargers: Raiders

Cardinals at Seahawks: Seahawks

Cowboys at Eagles: Cowboys

Chiefs at Bears: Chiefs

Packers at Vikings: Vikings