News Roundup: City Edition, Tatum, & more!

Here are some recent headlines in the world of the Celtics.

1. The C’s unveil their new City Edition uniforms

Ever since Nike took over making NBA uniforms back in 2017, they have made a habit of changing each team’s City Edition uniform on an annual basis. The Celtics unveiled their new City Edition uniforms today, and they are primarily green with gold and black accents, even though the leaked image from Ines Kanter’s Instagram story indicated that they might have been teal (which Kanter blamed on the lightning of his surrounding). These uniforms harken back to the team’s St. Patrick’s Day uniforms from the pre-Nike era, but feature a Gaelic font.

The team has announced that they will wear their City Edition uniforms on the following dates:

November 27th vs Brooklyn
November 29th at Brooklyn
December 6th vs Denver
December 12th vs Philadelphia
December 25th at Toronto
January 9th at Philadelphia
January 16th at Milwaukee
January 20th vs LA Lakers
January 30th vs Golden State
February 13th vs LA Clippers
February 23rd at LA Lakers
March 3rd vs Brooklyn
March 15th at Chicago
March 18th vs New York
March 20th at Toronto
April 3rd vs Orlando
April 15th vs Chicago

Personally, I am a fan of this uniforms, but it’s hard not to see them as a downgrade from last year’s minimalistic iteration of the City Edition.

2. Tatum earns PG13’s respect

Jayson Tatum was unbelievable during the Celtics’ 107-104 overtime loss to the Clippers on Wednesday night, as he led Boston with 30 points. Tatum’s main highlight came late in the fourth quarter when he broke Paul George’s ankles, and hit a three-pointer to tie the game.

Following the game, George had this to say about Tatum.

3. Kyrie Irving’s “homecoming” may not be happening

One of the most anticipated games on Boston’s 2019 schedule was the return of ex-Celtic Kyrie Irving, with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets. Due to a shoulder injury, Irving’s status for next Wednesday’s game at the TD Garden has been in question, which may deprive the Boston faithful from giving him a “warm” welcome.

For his part, Celtics GM Danny Ainge hopes that the Boston crowd doesn’t boo Irving if he is present for the game.

4. The front office makes the team’s core untouchable

The Celtics are consistently mentioned as a team willing to make a move when there’s an opportunity to improve its roster, due to their vast array of assets (whether it be players or picks). However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is reporting that the Celtics have made it clear to other teams that key members of the team, such as Gordon Hayward and Marcus Smart are “absolutely not available.” This likely means that the Celtics would have to give up draft picks if they wanted to procure an improvement at center.



smart gh 19 .jpg
(Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)


News Roundup: Captain America calls out Brady, Belichick’s defense, & more!

Here are some of the latest headlines in the world of the Patriots.

1. Chris Evans threatens to ‘cut ties’ with Tom Brady 

Over the last few years, ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans has made his diehard fandom for the Patriots (and Tom Brady in particular) quite evident, with frequent mentions on his social media pages or on talk shows. However, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Evans said that he is considering cutting ties with Brady, due to the quarterback’s alleged support for President Donald Trump. I don’t expect Brady to respond or comment on the matter, as he has done his best to steer away from any sort of discussion on politics, due to the influence of his wife, Gisele Bündchen.

chris evans tb.png
(Photo via the Comeback)

2. Greg Schiano steps down

At the beginning of the offseason, the Patriots hired former Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano to serve as the replacement for Brian Flores. Unfortunately for the team, Schiano didn’t even make it to training camp, as he stepped down today due to a need to focus on his ‘faith and family’. Most pundits expect Bill Belichick to take on an even greater workload, and serve as the primary defensive play-caller for the 2019 season. It will be interesting to see how the defense turns out after all this upheaval.

3. The Pats are reportedly ‘showing interest’ in Josh Rosen

According to Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt, the Patriots are one of the three teams (along with the Chargers and Giants) currently showing the most interest in trading for Arizona’s embattled quarterback Josh Rosen. Klatt mentions that one of these three teams has already offered the Cardinals a second-round pick, but Arizona is holding out for a first-round pick, which they are unlikely to receive. As I have mentioned earlier, I am in favor of the Pats trading for Rosen, as I believe that acquiring him and his team-friendly contract would help the front office prepare for a post-Brady future.

4. Jerod Mayo is joining the coaching staff

Former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo announced via Instagram that he is rejoining the team as an assistant coach.

Mayo was drafted by the Pats in the first round in 2008, and was the team’s starting middle linebacker until his retirement in 2015. Mayo’s return to the team sparked responses from current and former Patriots, such as Julian Edelman, Dont’a Hightower, Tedy Bruschi and Aqib Talib, who were clearly elated by the news. 

New’s Roundup: Kyrie/Murray, Rozier’s future & more!

Here are some recent headlines in the world of the Celtics.

1. Kyrie stands by his actions in Denver

During the ending of Monday’s loss in Denver, Nuggets guard Jamal Murray launched a last second 3-pointer in hopes of accumulating 50 points, which did not sit well with Kyrie Irving, who proceeded to recover the ball and toss it into the stands.

Irving was fined $25,000 by the NBA for his actions, and when he was asked by reporters about the fine, he remarked that it was “well-deserved”. Murray’s last second heave did violate an unwritten rule in the NBA, which is to simply dribble out the clock when victory is guaranteed in the final seconds. 

As Kyrie said, the Celtics will see Jamal Murray and the Nuggets again, so it will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two guards. 

2. Rozier and Ainge squash trade rumors

Over the last few days, it had been reported that at least 7 teams were interested in trading for a reportedly disgruntled Terry Rozier. Earlier today, Danny Ainge spoke out to squash any rumors on Rozier’s unhappiness and the possibility of him being traded. 

Rozier also came out to refute the rumors, as he remarked that he was happy in his current situation. With this being a contract year for the young point guard, it will be an interesting situation to watch as the season progresses.

3. Hayward’s homecoming

Tomorrow night, Gordon Hayward will make his long-awaited return to Salt Lake City, as the Celtics take on the Utah Jazz. Hayward left the Jazz during free agency in 2017, but he ended up missing the entire 2017 season due to an injury suffered in the opener at Cleveland. The Jazz did not really miss a beat with Hayward’s departure, as they filled in his absence with sensational rookie, Donovan Mitchell, who has been able to lead Utah to be one of the best teams in the West so far this season. 

Expect an emotional return to Utah for Gordon Hayward, as he will likely have to deal with disgruntled and upset Jazz fans.

hayward jazz.jpg
(Rick Scuteri/AP)

4. Peyton Manning joins the Celtics in the film room

During the Celtics’ visit to Denver, they welcomed former NFL QB Peyton Manning to one of their practices. Brad Stevens and Manning know each other from their respective stints in the state of Indiana, so Stevens brought him in to help with watching film (which was one of Manning’s hallmarks as a competitor during his career in the NFL). Both Stevens and Kyrie Irving credited Manning’s influence during the practice, as they felt that having a proven champion help them break down film improved the efficiency and enthusiasm of the practice. 

Hopefully Manning’s influence will help the Celtics remedy some of their miscues with the use of more efficient film work.